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Extraordinary people make home care possible

We are here for the kind, compassionate and selfless people providing excellence in care


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Enterprise Software At The Heart Of Home Care

Our intuitive cloud technology helps domiciliary care providers to solve their most difficult challenges.

We ‘re supporting home care providers by making cutting-edge technology accessible at no cost. Any registered home care provider can enjoy transformative automation designed to drive growth, create jobs and meet the growing demand for home care.

Made in home care

Our team has many years experience delivering home care services and managing multi-site operations.

Adding value

We understand what it takes to deliver excellence in care, and this is why MyHelpa matters to us.

Tested by experts

We asked a small group of domiciliary care providers to test our product to make sure MyHelpa makes a real difference.

Built To Transform

We’re not just digitalising your admin processes and workflows. We want MyHelpa’s technology to do much more and create exceptional value.

MyHelpa can help solve daily admin challenges that cost time and money and impacts on the success of your team and their quality of care.

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We Need To Care For Everyone Right Now

We built a scheduling tool to help home care providers to solve complex scheduling problems.

We want every care provider to have access to a transformational rostering system.

Our scheduling tool is at no charge to registered domiciliary care providers, because we want to help.

As we learn how we can help you more, we will continue to build new features we hope you will buy, but with no obligation to do so.

Technology For People And Relationships

Care teams build strong relationships and cancelling or cutting short a visit can cause overwhelming frustration, stress, and guilt.

MyHelpa’s algorithm considers each aspect important to the successful delivery of care enabling it to nurture and strengthen human relationships.

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People, Quality, And Compliance

Care is all about people. MyHelpa helps your employees feel appreciated, respected, and part of a team.

These cultural attributes help to build the foundations for successful growth and team performance.

MyHelpa supports your teams to provide consistent quality of care and easy auditing to help ensure compliance.