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A powerful mobile app that connects everyone in your business

Enjoy compliance, control and peace of mind through an app that keeps everyone updated in real time and empowers your team to succeed.

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Verify Every Care Visit In Real-Time

Record each care visit with the Mobile App’s clock in and out button, automatically recording the location of the app, and update MyHelpa’s Electronic Visit Verification system in real-time.

Even if a mobile network connection is affected, the Mobile App continues to function offline, allowing clock-in and out and robust contingency planning.

Coming soon – easily sign off on tasks and communicate care visit updates directly with the office.

Access Rotas And Update Workforce Availability

Manage the dynamic nature of home care operations with real-time rota publication straight to the mobile app.

See the care plan and clear directions to the care visit location.

Care professionals can update their availability and request leave.

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“Our care team loves the mobile app. They can easily clock in and out of each visit, let us know if they are taking leave, and there’s even an alert that lets the carer know how long is left on the visit.”

Keeping Everyone Involved With Care

MyHelpa’s Mobile App is built to be easily accessible to any authorised person.

From care professionals and GPs to family members and carers, you can choose exactly which information that authorised people are allowed to see.