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The app that makes home care better for everyone.

Improving Care Agencies

Improve your care ratings, save money and give better, more responsive home care. We are taking all the processes that currently rely on phone calls and paper and integrating them into one easy-to-use mobile app your staff and clients will love.

Care delivery is in crisis

Budgets are under pressure, carers are overstretched and one out of every four care providers has part of their business rated as requires improvement or inadequate.

Is your care agency being held back by manual and out-of-date processes?

What we are building

Maybe you have looked at, or even tried home care software. But either it’s too expensive, or too complicated or so bare-boned that it cannot do what you need it to do.

We are developing a better way, a platform that is not overpriced and will digitise all the time-consuming back-office processes, making them safe, responsive and useful … with premium free-forever features to improve your workflow.

How we will empower you

Care is complicated so we’re making it simpler. The intuitive app will be so easy to use that people cannot help but adopt it.

MyHelpa will help you to save money, communicate better and bypass the busy work, freeing you up to do what actually matters in the care sector—care.

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