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Easily create complex schedules in minutes with just one click

An intelligent engine that helps you deliver care efficiently, meet client needs and optimise runs to supercharge your team.

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Free Advanced Scheduling Software

Our free intelligent rostering system will save days of manual rota work each week and take the strain of making multiple changes to your planned visits.

Powered by artificial intelligence, our algorithm was built in partnership with home care professionals to automatically match your care team to the specific care needs of your customers.

Our smart algorithm matches care professionals across all care services by using multiple criteria and rules, including skills, qualifications, availability, and continuity of care.

Update Care Visits With Ease

Easily make bulk adjustments to multiple visits and create runs and regular visits to keep your care team organised and fully productive.

With all of your care visit data in one place, providing evidence to your inspector is straightforward and stress free.

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“We love the speed that MyHelpa can create our rotas. It makes so much sense to automate this complex task so we can get on with caring.”

Drive Retention With Powerful Optimisation

MyHelpa optimises your care team’s travel and minimises wait time.

The intelligent algorithm, built in home care, fully understands the nature of a remote workforce delivering care services in people’s homes.

MyHelpa ensures quality and continuity of care, and also that your care team experiences the lowest possible transport costs and minimum wait time between visits.

Your care team will take home maximum pay and travel the shortest possible distances to only the locations they choose to work.