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A finance solution for growth focussed home care agencies

Easily control the commercial complexity of home care operations and turbo-charge business performance.

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Billing Made Easy

By capturing the granular detail of contracts, MyHelpa brings clarity and assurance with accurate billing and margin analysis.

MyHelpa makes billing cycles easier. Hours of manual work are replaced with the click of a button, no matter the complexity of the package.

Easily build straightforward or complex contracts, including multiple funder types, shared or split funding, and for all care service types, including online, domiciliary, live in and specialist care services.

Stress-Free Payroll

Make payroll transparent and straightforward.

Hours of manual paperwork, phone calls, meetings and text messages replaced with easy-to-build detailed reporting including visit verification, travel time (duration and distance), expenses, contracted hours (where applicable), and holiday rates.

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“It’s important for our business model to be robust that we now have seamless and accurate finance reporting alongside margin analysis.”

Fully Flexible Configuration

Choose any rate or model you require to run your business.

From contact time & travel pay, to bill rates, special day rates and billing cycles, build customised granular detail for your finances as required.