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Develop an engaged and valued team

Capture what matters to your team, help them to improve quality and drive retention to grow your business.

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Comprehensive HR Functionality

Easily create a complete picture of your employees, and build a clear understanding of the unique personalities, capabilities and requirements of every member of your team.

MyHelpa captures the key details about your team, including employment data, availability and absences, and records information that is critical for building an accurate audit of day-to-day events, including which geographical areas an employee prefers to work in, reasons for absences and the type of holiday taken.

Keep Payroll Simple, Transparent and Straightforward

When it is time to pay your team for their extraordinary work, only completeness and accuracy will do.

In real-time, for every scheduled care visit, MyHelpa’s Mobile App sends start and end times, geographical location and actual travel time to the EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) screen.

Rate cards can be set up in just minutes and include all employee contractual nuances that are utilised in all homecare operational models.

Upload documents and keep a log of expenses, and ensure these are included in payroll as required.

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“MyHelpa captures every detail about our team and ensures they have the best day possible as well as making sure we deliver continuity of high quality care for our clients.”

Oversee Your Team’s Expertise

By capturing and keeping track of your team’s training achievements, skills and qualifications, you can deliver the highest possible quality of service.

Simple export reports detail and evidence the experience of every team member and expiry dates where appropriate.

Build Trust and Engagement

By easily capturing and updating the most important data about your care team, MyHelpa will help you to meet your employee’s expectations, especially when it really matters.

From preferred postcode areas, through to avoiding pets and other specific requirements, your care team will feel like their needs are being met on every visit.