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Empowered to provide each client with outstanding care

Easily capture every detail to create and evolve exceptional person-centred care and treatment.


Automated Personalised Care

MyHelpa is designed to know every detail about the people who rely on your care.

From a profile photo, personal and health details and important contacts to preferences and care contracts, MyHelpa captures every detail, so that you can provide exceptional care.

This complete picture about your clients is harnessed by our intelligent algorithm to match qualified & experienced care professionals, while ensuring continuity of care.

Capture Your Client’s Journey

As you learn more and your relationship develops, it is easy to keep your client’s profile up to date.

Build confidence and trust with MyHelpa ensuring your allocated care team always understands every client’s unique personality, preferences and needs, and has the qualifications and experience required to provide excellence in care.

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“It comes through clearly that the MyHelpa team care about ensuring we can provide outstanding care for our customers.”

Responsive To Your Client’s Needs

Every detail about your clients matters; preferred languages, likes, dislikes, routines, religion, power of attorney and preferred care professional’s gender, and clinical information.

MyHelpa captures all essential clinical details including current GP, medical history, NHS number, mobility, allergies and intolerances.

Access and update information seamlessly on any device with an internet connection, anywhere, so you can act quickly and drive service quality.