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Why is MyHelpa Free?

Aug 23, 2022 | Blog Post, Why is MyHelpa Free?

We founded MyHelpa with the goal of helping home care providers to grow and provide excellence in care.

Our inspiration for making MyHelpa free came from seeing the challenges of providing home care firsthand.

We have managed domiciliary, live in and specialist care provisions, and led global, regulated digital transformation projects.

At home, we have experienced managing home care for our loved ones, and witnessed the influence a care professional has over the dignity, health and wellbeing of the most important people in our lives.

Although they have such a pivotal role, care professionals often face very difficult circumstances, despite the best intentions of everyone involved in the care package.

We have seen most, if not all, of the experiences forcing people working in the care sector to leave. From exhaustion and waiting over an hour between visits in a freezing car in winter, to being underpaid, facing furious family members and legal action, all because of human error.

We understand the limitations of current software to support agencies to manage their day-to-day operations, and saw the potential of advanced software that already delivers immense value to business in other industries.

Home care providers haven’t yet experienced the support that advanced software can bring to the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Our belief is that software must consistently meet the needs and expectations of all its users. Agencies, carrying the responsibility, need advanced technology at their fingertips.

So we set out to build MyHelpa, an all-in-one system capable of enabling home care providers to grow and meet the demand for care.

Agencies face a number of challenges that advanced technology could solve. We wanted to start by building a product that would make a difference to every agency.

Common to every agency is the scheduling of their care teams to meet their clients’ needs.

Organising care professionals to attend multiple home visits, on time, is conceptually straightforward, yet in practice is almost impossible to achieve.

This is where we decided to target MyHelpa’s advanced technology first, with the Intelligent Rostering System.

The Intelligent Rostering System is designed to match available and qualified care professionals to planned care visits, in a click of a button.

It can solve and optimise complex schedules in just a couple of minutes, taking away the stress of building the rota and saves teams of people wasting days every week.

MyHelpa’s deep level of optimisation means remote care professionals experience minimum travel and wait time between visits.

MyHelpa quickly and accurately schedules care visits. Driven by artificial intelligence, every time it creates a schedule it learns and becomes even faster, saving more time.

With its central role in home care provision, and for it to have an impact on the sector to meet rising demand for care-at-home, we decided that the Intelligent Rostering System should be free.

All registered home care providers can now access advanced software and easily overcome their most difficult challenge for free. Cost is not a barrier.

Our team realised that by making MyHelpa free, and only needing one person to operate it, the Intelligent Rostering System lowers agency costs, improves compliance and drives workforce retention to underpin growth.

We believe this is the first free Intelligent Rostering System in the UK. We hope its capability will help to transform the sector. As the founder of the NHS, Sir William Beveridge, said: “A revolutionary moment…is a time for revolutions, not for patching.

This is why we decided to make MyHelpa free. Yet, like any business, we need to be viable. We will reinvest and build more advanced technology.

We make money through other premium modules built in to the MyHelpa ecosystem: team, clients, finance, compliance, and mobile app. They are priced by the number of active clients receiving care and support.

In addition to the revenue from premium modules, we are also funded by investors who believe in our vision of empowering home care agencies with advanced technology.

We have experienced both sides of home care first hand. We learned that home care is about empowering people. It is packed full of extraordinary moments, and working in care can also be extremely challenging.

With our revenues and funding, we are building even better technology to remove these challenges, to encourage more people to join and grow  the workforce, and enjoy the extraordinary fulfilment of working in home care.

Alex Cavell