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From start-ups to mature businesses, MyHelpa’s mission is to create unique value

Dec 23, 2022 | Blog Post, For home care professionals

In 2023, home care agencies will need exceptional value from their software suppliers.

With costs and workforce pressures increasing the challenges being faced by home care providers, software will need to create real value.

Value not just in cost savings, but also in job satisfaction and in service quality, to make sure businesses avoid running into difficulty as the sector faces the most challenging times in memory.

MyHelpa’s mission is to create value in the most effective ways possible.

How do our clients receive the best value?

Our clients range from recently registering with their regulator or running their first agency, to seasoned providers with years of experience.

MyHelpa is also a service, designed to support any size home care business, providing everything needed to start, establish, consolidate, or grow.

Our business model delivers value through transformative experiences for care professionals and the people they care for, and a wrap-around service for our clients.

Our aim is for MyHelpa to lead the field in all aspects of customer experience and support.

How do we create value?

Taking on new software is a significant journey.

Our ‘human’ Customer Service answers queries in minutes. We also help migrate your data.

The most important fuel to any business (home care is no exception) is cash.

Our subscription model is the first of its kind, designed to ensure transparency, affordability and fairness.

Importantly for start-ups, unlike competitors, we don’t charge when there is no income.

Everyone pays the same, and pricing is publicly available on our website.

The Intelligent Rostering System is free. No cost. Auto schedule your entire team and create detailed files of your employees and clients at no charge.

No matter the size of your budget, you can get up an running without any stress, with the world’s most advanced home care tech at your fingertips.

Only pay for features that transform your entire operational ecosystem.

How much does MyHelpa cost?

Whether your business is unregistered waiting for registration to complete, or if you have ‘000s of staff, you only pay for the number of active clients on the system.

Our current package, the Essential Edition, costs £2 + VAT per month, for each active client.

Example: you have 5 active clients, the subscription is £10 + VAT per month. We grow with you.

There are no access limitations like licences for specific users. Everyone on your team can access the platform, anywhere on an internet connected device.

But what about the contract?

We have heard all about the hidden costs, expensive lengthy 3-6 year tie-ins, and no product development of existing software providers.

The MyHelpa contract is as innovative and as bold as the platform.

Once you sign, the risk is on us to keep listening and improving. How?

Our subscription is a 12 month rolling contract, with 1 month cancellation notice. Also, no quibble getting your data back.

We must meet or surpass customer needs and expectations, always. Simple.

How can technology help fuel growth?

Increasing workforce capacity, through retention and by attracting more extraordinary people to work in the sector, is critical to growth.

There are many inefficient and frustrating aspects of working in home care that, over time, convince people to leave.

MyHelpa has the sophistication and capability to eradicate these frustrations, and prevent people from deciding to leave.

Instead of fighting against mountains of admin, human error, and going from one crisis to the next, care professionals can enjoy their role, spending all their time building relationships and making a difference to the lives of the people in their care…the reason they joined up in the first place.

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